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Sixteen Hours in Moscow


Day 5

(front photo by Anastasia Prokofyeva)

Krasnaya Ploschad, or Red Square. In Russian, ‘Krasnaya’ can mean red, or beautiful, the latter used less frequency. In this instance, the double meaning fits perfectly.

Russian from the loudspeaker in our bunk awakens everyone. We’ve arrived Moscow at the Kazan Station. Didn’t we just leave Kazan?

Every metro stop is a new adventure

The ghost of Stalin busks for rubles.

State Heritage Museum

St. Basil’s – built to look like a bonfire, commemorating Ivan the Terrible’s victory over Kazan in 1552.

Dormition Cathedral inside the Kremlin. (photo by Anastasia Prokofyeva)

I love Ladas. Ladeedada, Lada.

Tretyakov Gallery 10, Krymsky Val

Ship and body of Christopher Columbus, head of Peter the Great, timelessly ugly.

Sunset over Cathedral of Christ Our Savior (photo by Anastasia Prokofyeva)

Goodbye, Moscow. On to Saint Petersburg. – Mike

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  1. These pictures are so lovely! :) I think I’m going to miss Moscow when I study abroad, but it’s so cool that you got to go and captured the beautiful colors of the city. Russia isn’t always gray and gloomy! (just most of the time hehe)

    May 27, 2012
    • Thank you. I feel I may have cut the stay short, but definitely got a good sense of what the ciry’s about. Are you currently in russia?

      May 28, 2012
      • I will be in the fall (two months! yikes!). I’m studying abroad, but I’ll be in St. Petersburg. I think we’ll have a few excursions to Moscow, but I’ll mostly be in the Northern Capital :)

        May 28, 2012
    • Awesome! Good for you. Have you been before? It’s one of my favorite cities – got a post about it coming up, you might enjoy.

      May 29, 2012
      • I haven’t. This will be my first time. And I will definitely check out your post when it comes up :)

        May 29, 2012
  2. Awesome photos! Russia’s on my list!

    June 27, 2012
    • Thanks, loved your posts on Switzerland. Russia is a must for the adventurous.

      June 27, 2012
  3. oliviateregulova #

    *Love* your blog! So happy I found it! Okay, I hate people who post corrections on blogs, but ‘krasivaya’ (f) and ‘krasiviy’ (m) mean beautiful, whereas ‘krasnaya’ just means red. But prekrasnaya means wonderful so I guess the analogy still goes. Just thought I’d share. Keep posting, your stuff is amazing! :)

    March 6, 2013
    • Thanks, Olivia!
      Appreciate the Russian correction – just proves how terrible I am with the language. I sort of skipped the Rosetta Stone lesson…

      You keep reading and I’ll keep posting.

      March 6, 2013
  4. Gotta love Moscow!

    July 3, 2013

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