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Summer Jams and the Roam About Giveaway Winners

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Suggested Listening: Cleveland Rock-Block

Cleveland's patron saint, Michael Stanley.

I got a little nostalgic being in Cleveland this past week as I was driving around downtown. My ipod died,  so I turned the dial to the closest station, 100.7 wmms. It had been awhile since listening to (any) radio; the speakers blasted some “metal” crap bomb tuned to drop d. It was terrible. Read more

CD 101 (102.5) Guest DJ Playlist

Had a blast guest DJ’ing on CD101 here in Columbus last Friday. I admit, I was quite nervous having never been on the radio before, but stammered and ‘umm’-ed my way through it;  helped out tremendously by local icon Brian Phillips – a great guy with impeccable musical taste. Read more

Bonjour, Lune: Air Flies to the Moon Again. eyeball...ouch.

I’ve been a fan of the French duo; Air (Nicholas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel) since hearing ‘La Femme d’Argent’ from their groundbreaking debut, Moon Safari (1998). Air purveys tranquil, cinematic landscapes fusing spatial electro-chill-pop with influences from  predecessors like the iconic French crooner; Serge Gainsbourg, synth-Roi; Jean Michel Jarre, with pinches of German minimalists; Kraftwerk. This meld of past and future has become the staple on albums like the stunning Talkie WalkiePocket Symphony, and what I consider the duo’s masterpiece – the experimental, complex, and quasi-conceptual – 10,000 Hz Legend.   Read more

Suggested Listening: Alaskan Playlist

Due to the popularity of Suggested Reading: Finding Zen at the Airport, I’ve decided to keep on keepin’ on with the idea of ‘location soundtracks’. While driving the 1,300 miles of Alaska, Marti and I listened to a wide array of albums to pass the time outside of staring at each other in awkward silence.   Read more

Suggested Listening: Finding Zen at the Airport

In correspondence to the previous post regarding our airline debacle, I’ve asked my fellow travelers to pick an album they suggest to block out the insanity of airports. I posed the question: what is your  aural fulcrum of peace, and why?  Feel free to comment, let us know what you pick to block out the madness.  Read more

‘We Are the Robots': Website Under Construction

While I type and curse, battling my lack of techie-knowledge to make this website ready for public consumption, I wanted to share my musical inspirado. Completely apropos; Kraftwerk’s ‘Computer World’ – if you listen on repeat for three hours straight, it will open a portal to The Matrix. True story.

Kraftwerk – Computer World


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