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Fort Worth Sizzle


Post #92 – In which Mike travels to Texas for work. 

SUV with longhorn rifle rack – Check

Googlemapped directions from DFW Airport to Fort Worth Omni Hotel – Check

Roadhouse Country station on satellite radio – Check

I hit the Texan freeways with my old friends Merle, Johnny, and Patsy. Read more

Mike on Mike


Mike: Thanks for joining me today, Mike. I know you’re a busy guy.

Mike: Huh? I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear a thing over the sound of your awesome. Read more

Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out, Columbus


Five years ago, amid bursting fireworks of Red White and Boom, the sizzle of grilled meats and sparklers, and the unmistakable patriotic croons of J. Cougar Mellencamp, The Boss, and Jewish Elvis—Neil Diamond—a skinny, already washed-up twenty-something limped from New York City to Columbus. Read more

Moist, and Other Bad Words


This post is rated R, so, if you’re offended by coarse language and sexual content…hold on to your fucking hat.  Read more

Raccoon Dog Balls


‘Scuse me while I get my wa wa’s out.

My last post was a bit long, and chalk full of uncomfortable feeling things. Sure, they were buried in allegorical stripper fog, but still, feelings…blech, right? Read more

Ghosts in the Crow

I half jog, straining up the steep Daisho-in Climbing Path on Mt. Misen, contrasting the verdant Japanese flora with a ridiculous blue running top and burnt orange and brown Cleveland beanie. Read more

Susie – Strong Like Bull


Susie Lindau is one of my favorite bloggers. She’s fun, sassy, adventurous and someday, I’m really going to head out to my favorite state, Colorado, and grab a few Avalanche beers with her and her hubby Danny, and hit the slopes. Read more

Photo Comicaze: Adverts from Japan

Big is big in Japan


Read more

The Gall of These People…(A Comedy in Two Acts)


Chinese Proverb: Monkey that throws poo has poo hand. Read more

Where Would You Go?


I don’t really dream of travel.

Daydream, yes, but when I sleep, the REM vignettes usually involve choreographed knife-fights and lady sasquatches

…could be late night salsa binges, but rarely do I dream of travel.

So, I want to know your dream locale.

Even if you have multiple destinations, or, you’re one of the lucky people to have visited “The Spot”.

Where is it?

Maldives? Venice? New Zealand?

Where would you Roam About?

What would you do?

I want to know. -Mike


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