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Bali Hoo’ed: 9 Days in Paradise


Canggu [Chan- goo] 

30+ travel hours melt away as a muted gong tap announces our arrival at Hotel Tugu in the rapidly developing village of Canggu, on Bali’s Southwestern coast. A smiling man, wearing an earth-toned sarong/polo shirt and udeng headdress quietly patters around the corner—hands together in salutation—gesturing for us to follow him down a long, pillared entrance way. Read more

Rubber Seoul: 22 Hours in South Korea

DSC_0090Incheon, South Korea.

It’s early and late – that perfectly discombobulating, dream-like state of still being stuck between two polar opposite time zones. Read more

Vietnam: Some Photos, Some Words.


This one time, I went to Vietnam.

A grand time was had. Read more

Jungle Boss of Phong Nha

DSC_0257 copy

Straight outta Compton!

Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park

Plans to stay up late jotting down adventures in the Roam About journal are spoiled as soon as we depart Hanoi Station. Heading south towards Dong Hoi, gently chugging to the metronome of the tracks and humming along with the train engine cadence, I conk out faster than a swaddled babe suckling from the teat of mother Benadryl. Read more

Hanoi’ed: Three Days in Vietnam’s Capital


Old Quarter. Rush hour.

Honking motorbikes and scooters, people squeezed everywhere, motorbikes with 14 cases of empty Halida bottles bungee-d precariously to the back wheel, buses, cars, people on people on people on motorbikes Read more

Oh No! Where’d Kyoto Go? (Right Here, in 18 Photos)

Kyoto I realized the other day, as I was writing a Japanese-flavored article for a local mag, that I never wrote a blog post about Kyoto from my trip last year. Murmuring and grumbling, calling myself a lazy bastard, I suddenly remembered why I never completed a piece whilst rifling through the following photos  Read more

Raccoon Dog Balls


‘Scuse me while I get my wa wa’s out.

My last post was a bit long, and chalk full of uncomfortable feeling things. Sure, they were buried in allegorical stripper fog, but still, feelings…blech, right? Read more

Photo Comicaze: Adverts from Japan

Big is big in Japan


Read more

Nikko and Nara Sitting in a Tree


Two hours, by train, north of Tokyo (¥500), in the Saitamo prefecture, sits the little town of Satte. Read more

Traipsin’ Through Tokyo


Early morning run through Akasaka area, first time running in a foreign country — a liberating, smile-inducing experience. Sun charges through revealing some lovely, veiled shrines. Run around the (unfortunately) walled Togu and Akasaka palace; ancient meets modernity,  apartments against shrines; Palaces vs. McLaren Showrooms.


Read more