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Cuban Shuffle: 4 Days in Havana


Weeks later, our four days in Havana still remain flashes of recollective unsettledness. The city—Cuba in general—seems so familiar yet, around every corner there’s inversions of the expected. This warping mirage is initially intoxicating, but after a couple of days, it starts to test one’s travel mettle. Read more

I Did Cuba Wrong So You Don’t Have To, America.


So you really, really want to go to Cuba, huh? And you don’t want to book through a Cuban licensed travel group? Do you have an intern, or production team to help you coordinate the trip? No? Ok, then. Here are the things you may not have known/may want to consider before traveling to Cuba (especially if you’re a US citizen): Read more

Bali Hoo’ed: 9 Days in Paradise


Canggu [Chan- goo] 

30+ travel hours melt away as a muted gong tap announces our arrival at Hotel Tugu in the rapidly developing village of Canggu, on Bali’s Southwestern coast. A smiling man, wearing an earth-toned sarong/polo shirt and udeng headdress quietly patters around the corner—hands together in salutation—gesturing for us to follow him down a long, pillared entrance way. Read more

On Marrying a Christmas Nut: An Ode to Roam About Gal


One of life’s more eye-roll inducing marketing schemes is the perpetual lengthening of the beginning of the holiday season. This year, retail stores stripped the spirit of wintry bliss by replacing the rah-rah-rah of July 4th, with the immediate ho-ho-ho of animatronic Santas on July 5th.  Read more

Vietnam: Some Photos, Some Words.


This one time, I went to Vietnam.

A grand time was had. Read more

Jungle Boss of Phong Nha

DSC_0257 copy

Straight outta Compton!

Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park

Plans to stay up late jotting down adventures in the Roam About journal are spoiled as soon as we depart Hanoi Station. Heading south towards Dong Hoi, gently chugging to the metronome of the tracks and humming along with the train engine cadence, I conk out faster than a swaddled babe suckling from the teat of mother Benadryl. Read more

Hanoi’ed: Three Days in Vietnam’s Capital


Old Quarter. Rush hour.

Honking motorbikes and scooters, people squeezed everywhere, motorbikes with 14 cases of empty Halida bottles bungee-d precariously to the back wheel, buses, cars, people on people on people on motorbikes Read more

Why Not Nica?


Hi there, me again. I’m in an adventure club. Way cool, right? Way cool. My fellow co-founders of the Why Not Adventure Club are two of my favorite friends, Danielle and Callan. By way of introduction: Danielle lives in Austin and knows all the cool stuff, so she keeps me hip. Callan lives in NYC and is the most go-with-the-flow-but-I-get-stuff-done individual on the planet; she keeps me positive. I am the quirky one, and I keep them…confused, mostly. Together we are an unstoppable force. Read more



Day 1

9am –  I’m at the Ohio State Travel immunization office today to get vaccinated for my upcoming trip to Vietnam. Had to drive through a group of picketing anti-vaxxers to get into the office. Someone threw a vanilla latte and an Ugg boot at my car. I got out, yelled “OMG! Jenny McCarthy!” to distract the horde Read more

Comfy Comporta


As Columbus and seemingly the entire United States reels from the frigid, testicle-shying relentlessness of Jack Frost, lately I’ve sought warm and cozy places. Physically, sitting by my fireplace to thaw out my chestnuts and mentally drifting away to sunny daydreams. Read more