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Rise and Fall of the Russian Mullet

Greek in origin, reprised in the backwoods of Texarkana – the mullet is one of history’s most ridiculous haircuts; a haircut that penetrated the heart of Mother Russia in the early 90’s, sputtered out, lain dormant until one Moscovite’s solo-revival.  Read more

White Nights in Saint Petersburg

Days 6-10

The Window to the West, the Venice of the North – formally Petergrad, then Leningrad, whatever it is called, within minutes, I fall  for Saint Petersburg.  Read more

Sixteen Hours in Moscow

Day 5

(front photo by Anastasia Prokofyeva)

Krasnaya Ploschad, or Red Square. In Russian, ‘Krasnaya’ can mean red, or beautiful Read more

Kazan – Sviyazhsk – Train to Moscow (Days 2-4)

A special thank you to Anastasia Prokofyeva for letting me use her shot as the feature. Better fit for the likes of Reuter’s or AP, instead of my humble blog, but more of her incredible photography to come with the next post.

After a tremendous first day in Russia topped with enough Vodka to permanently pickle the livers of a small nation, Read more

Kazan (Day 1)

Nestled on the Volga river and its tributaries, approximately 820 km due east of Moscow, sits Kazan, the capital city of the Republic of Tatarstan. Read more

Captain’s log, Helstinky, and Gogol Bordello

(In the slim possibility this travel blog takes off (no pun), I will not mention specific airlines, or ticketing websites in case some day, I’m offered a sweet deal for my kind words. The particular airline carrier I will be referring to in this tale is actually very consistent for domestic travel here in the US of A, but internationally…well, yikes.)

To preface, any flight you reach your destination safely in one piece is, in my opinion, a miracle. I still can’t wrap my head around the science behind jet propulsion, and to this day find myself saying, “Whoa” like a small child (or Joey Lawrence) watching planes take off. It just doesn’t make sense planes can get off the ground with all those people, luggage, and crappy $7 meals.   Read more