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Oh No! Where’d Kyoto Go? (Right Here, in 18 Photos)

Kyoto I realized the other day, as I was writing a Japanese-flavored article for a local mag, that I never wrote a blog post about Kyoto from my trip last year. Murmuring and grumbling, calling myself a lazy bastard, I suddenly remembered why I never completed a piece whilst rifling through the following photos  Read more

Raccoon Dog Balls


‘Scuse me while I get my wa wa’s out.

My last post was a bit long, and chalk full of uncomfortable feeling things. Sure, they were buried in allegorical stripper fog, but still, feelings…blech, right? Read more

Ghosts in the Crow

I half jog, straining up the steep Daisho-in Climbing Path on Mt. Misen, contrasting the verdant Japanese flora with a ridiculous blue running top and burnt orange and brown Cleveland beanie. Read more

Photo Comicaze: Adverts from Japan

Big is big in Japan


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Nikko and Nara Sitting in a Tree


Two hours, by train, north of Tokyo (¥500), in the Saitamo prefecture, sits the little town of Satte. Read more

Traipsin’ Through Tokyo


Early morning run through Akasaka area, first time running in a foreign country — a liberating, smile-inducing experience. Sun charges through revealing some lovely, veiled shrines. Run around the (unfortunately) walled Togu and Akasaka palace; ancient meets modernity,  apartments against shrines; Palaces vs. McLaren Showrooms.


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Mike Vs. Japanese Toilets


Roam About Momma didn’t raise no dummy, but damn Japanese toilets are confusing/intimidating as hell…

After a 10 1/2 flight from LA, decompression hits my guts like so much airline food as I make my way to the bathroom via customs.

Round 1 – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Flusher Read more