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Posts from the ‘Portugal’ Category

Comfy Comporta


As Columbus and seemingly the entire United States reels from the frigid, testicle-shying relentlessness of Jack Frost, lately I’ve sought warm and cozy places. Physically, sitting by my fireplace to thaw out my chestnuts and mentally drifting away to sunny daydreams. Read more

A Portuguese Panda and the Queen of Sintra


Metro to Lisbon airport to pick up our awaiting chariot in the form of a Fiat Panda that’s about as aerodynamic and agile as a living room with wheels, filled with Oprah clones.

Bones: “When was the last time you drove stick?”

Me: “Three years ago.”

Bones: “Oh boy…” Read more

Why Portugal? | Lisbon

dsc_0035 copy 3

Trepidations linger upon our arrival at the Rossio station metro smack-dab in the middle of Lisbon. Heard the same question half a dozen or so times before we left: ‘Portugal? What’s in Portugal?’ Read more