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Suggested Listening: Alaskan Playlist

Due to the popularity of Suggested Reading: Finding Zen at the Airport, I’ve decided to keep on keepin’ on with the idea of ‘location soundtracks’. While driving the 1,300 miles of Alaska, Marti and I listened to a wide array of albums to pass the time outside of staring at each other in awkward silence.  One album, Eddie Vedder’s incredible ‘Into the Wild’ soundtrack, stuck out from the rest. The songs fit the open arctic landscape perfectly, like Mr. Vedder  had written the tunes in a studio/cabin in Denali National Park (he did record the album in close proximity in Seattle, but  I’d like to think he went up north for a spell). It’s a short album, clocking in at 33 minutes, but we listened to it four or five times a day to the point where it started invading my subconscious. It’s never good when you start responding to questions in song…or is it?

I figured out how to post a playlist (hot damn!), and here it is; an icy twang compilation I like to call Glacial Folk Rock, or Glacial Fock. Just hit the button below, sit back, and enjoy!  – Mike


1. Eddie Vedder – ‘No Ceiling’

2. The Kinks – ‘Here Come the People in Grey’

3. Fleet Foxes – ‘Ragged Wood’

4. C.C.R. – ‘Green River’

5. Eddie Vedder – ‘Rise’

6. Megafaun – ‘The Fade’

7. The Sadies – ‘Oak Ridge’

8. The Byrds – ‘You’re Still on my Mind’

9. Ry Cooder – ‘Cherryball Blues’

4 comments on “Suggested Listening: Alaskan Playlist

  1. Nathaniel Hahn says:

    Sweet! Playlist time!


  2. Brad says:

    Nice playlist duder, enjoying the blog as well!


    1. mabukach says:

      Thanks, Brad!


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