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Mike’s Next Adventure

CD 101 (102.5) Guest DJ Playlist

Had a blast guest DJ’ing on CD101 here in Columbus last Friday. I admit, I was quite nervous having never been on the radio before, but stammered and ‘umm’-ed my way through it;  helped out tremendously by local icon Brian Phillips – a great guy with impeccable musical taste.

Brian Phillips

I can hear the concerns from my regular readers, ‘but Mike, I thought you were a writer, why would you go on the radio? Writers are all supposed to be introverted agoraphobic a-holes!’. Well friend, I am an a-hole, who dabbles in everything. I roam about (website namesake!). Music has always been an inspiration in everything I do, so I decided to try to get on CD101 to share some of my favorite tunes on the radio. It worked.

I regularly post travel playlists, so please, check back often/follow me even, and I promise to dig up some amazing tunes. Let me know if you have some suggestions for me – always looking for new tunes/bands.

[*Edited 4/9 – 9:42pm – Unfortunately, I’ve had to take down the MP3 of my radio hour due to government regulations/restrictions. A couple of medium sized ninjas broke through my windows this evening, threatening to destroy my cat if I didn’t comply. Damn the man. I can post a Mike-free version of the hour very soon.]

Playlist Part 1

1. Washed Out – Feel it All Around

2. Man Man – Bangkok Necktie

3. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Round and Round

4. Future Dancing – Save the City

5. Budos Band  – Unbroken, Unshaven

6. Pinback – True North

7. The Extraordinaires – Patent Pending

Part 2:

3. Dr. Dog – Old Days

6. The Black Keys – Lonely Boy

9.  O’Death – Bugs

10. David Bowie – Cat People (Putting out the Fire)

12. Magnetic Fields – I Don’t Believe You

13. Supergrass – Low C


One comment on “CD 101 (102.5) Guest DJ Playlist

  1. mabukach says:

    Sorry if you’re rereading this. More-so if you commented back in April. Had a technical glitch with the posting template, should be good to go now. If you’d like to re-enact your comments, feel free to do so. 🙂

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