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Posts from the ‘Photography’ Category

Oh No! Where’d Kyoto Go? (Right Here, in 18 Photos)

Kyoto I realized the other day, as I was writing a Japanese-flavored article for a local mag, that I never wrote a blog post about Kyoto from my trip last year. Murmuring and grumbling, calling myself a lazy bastard, I suddenly remembered why I never completed a piece whilst rifling through the following photos  Read more

Two Gentlemen, a Well-Coiffed Horse, and Some Dead Fish: 18 Photos of Iceland


Horse Mullet!

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Picture of a Ghost at Old Burying Point Cemetery (Salem, MA)


Greetings ghosts and ghouls. Before heading out to the arctic circle this week, I wanted to leave you with an inexplicable picture I took a few years back that will chill your bones. Read more

Photo Comicaze: Adverts from Japan

Big is big in Japan


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Nikko and Nara Sitting in a Tree


Two hours, by train, north of Tokyo (¥500), in the Saitamo prefecture, sits the little town of Satte. Read more

A Weekend in Paris on a Millionaire’s Dime

Catacomb Skulls  Paris, France

In 2005, I was working as a part-time actor bartender in NYC, living with my (now ex) fiancé who was the personal assistant to makeup mogul, Trish McEvoy. Maybe you’ve seen Trish’s line; sold at most high-end department/vanity stores. Without divulging too much info, according to my ex (not me, Ms. Lawsuit), Trish was a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde personality. Read more

Rapatronic Camera: An Atomic Blast in 3 Shots



This is a photo of an atomic bomb milliseconds after detonation, shot by Harold ‘Doc’ Edgerton in 1952 through his Rapatronic (Rapid Action Electronic) Camera.  Read more

Tulum En Veinte Fotos, y Trienta Palabras


Foto por Anastasia Prokofyeva

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Chinchillas and Cheez Whiz: Philly Phinished

There’s nothing scarier then the sound of someone trying to get into your rented vacation apartment door when you have the defect of degenerative eyesight.  Read more

Talking Saints and Brotherly Love

“There’s a city in my mind

Come along and take that ride

And it’s all right, baby it’s all right”

‘Road to Nowhere’ by Talking Heads  Read more