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I Love You, Man

A message from Mike: This guest post is written by blogger superstar Le Clown, from A Clown on Fire. I still don’t know how I managed to get him to do this, but I am excited that he kindly accepted. Le Clown, I owe you a big one… This post is more of a marathon than a sprint. It will take a few reads to be fully savored. Let go of your guns and turn off your television sets, my American patriots, just like I did when I typed this preface—my main man and role model Charlie Sheen can wait—and enjoy true art, for once. Your pal, Mike.  Read more

Roaming About with Susie Lindau Like a Fly on the Wall!

Mike Says:

It’s an honor to have Susie on Roam About.

Not really sure how I found her…maybe through Brigitte; maybe she found me, either way, Susie’s amazing. She’s created quite the following at the great, funny, entertaining adventure blog Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride.

Check it out; she has more badass adventures over the course of a weekend than I do in months. And she wears fake mustaches. AND she’s a skier. She also does this awesome piece called ‘Use and Abuse Me’ where you can post a link to something you’ve written, then get exposure, and introductions to other great bloggers. If you’re new to the blogging world, this is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to a new community.


When Mike asked me to guest post for him while he roams about Asia, I sensed his anxiety. Then I came up with an idea. When roamers and wild riders collide, Mike could hang out like a fly on the wall!

Mike 2

Some of you may not be acquainted with my Wild Ride, but it is always an adventure.

I live in Boulder, Colorado. During the winter, my husband Danny and I drive up to the mountains almost every weekend. March is often the snowiest month of the year.

Super fly Mike 1

Recently, we skied at Breckenridge where it dumped the entire day. Colorado resorts are known for their champagne powder since the atmosphere is thin at nearly two miles high. Warm temperatures transformed the usually light “pow” to heavy ice cream snow.

Super Fly Mike 4

At one point it became hard to see. Skiing off a head wall can be unnerving when visibility is only ten feet. It’s like riding a roller coaster in the dark…only it’s light.

Super fly Mike 6

Danny’s iPhone takes such high contrast photos, you can’t see how hard the snow is coming down.

Super Fly Mike 5

One of our traditions is to start our day with a hot tub, but after a phenomenal day of skiing, this is the only way to relax!

Super Fly Mike 3

Sayonara Mike! Don’t worry. Everything is under….. **crash**

If you roamed from my Wild Ride, click on “home” and check out Mike’s posts!

Where was your last adventure?

Leave a comment and I’ll stop by your blog!

I Hate You, Papyrus Font


Watching the commercials in between the Vegas-rigged SuperBowl on Sunday, I was left unimpressed. The marketing/ad staff of major corporations had a year to conceptualize, write, shoot, focus-group, and edit a piece that costs a billion dollars a second, and overall, in my opinion, they failed to deliver. Pepsi, Budweiser, M&Ms, Go Daddy…nope. The one commercial I actually liked (The Doritos Goat commercial) was written/shot and submitted as part of an amateur contest. Huh. Read more

Flu-Ridden: What I Learned From TV While Tripping on DayQuil


“I’m dying.” ” Everything hurts.” ” I have the plague.”  — and other hypochondriatic laments.

Instead of putting up a 100 points like a flu-ridden Michael Jordan, I turn into a blob of inactivity and misery when I get sick; which I’ve been for almost two weeks. Read more

Juicing With Pavlov


A juice diary in 10 days.

Day 1: Just used the Omega J8006 juicer I got for xmas!  It’s like the red rider bb gun of juicers – something I’ve wanted for a very long time. Read more

An Open Letter To The Gentleman Who Almost Killed Me


Dearest High Commander Asshole,


You don’t know me yet, and Vishnu willing, we’ll never meet face to face, but I’m the guy you nearly ran over with your car today. Read more

The Buckeyes, Kielbasa, and Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles

I write from my couch in Columbus, having just finished a five-mile run, wondering why I still have a pooch belly and sudden narcoleptic tendencies. Read more

The Ampu-Turkey and Other Thanksgiving Tales

Thanksgiving at my parents’ house has become legendary over the years. Read more

Politi-vasion: Campaign Madness in Ohio




White flag – just please, make it fucking stop.

Read more

Hippie Dick

[Haven’t been posting as much because I’m writing things like this behind the scenes. Wanted to share something with you all, something I’ve been working on for a few weeks – it’s a middle piece from a puzzle not yet defined. Not quite where it needs to be, but I would love some help/feedback before shopping it. ] Read more