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‘Oh, October!’ By Zombie Edgar Allan Poe

A push from Nature

Chlorophyll breakdown

Swipes, daubs, then landscapes

Of oranges, yellows, and blood-red

Cumulus clouds hang dreary

Whipping winds

Whisper ‘Ichabod, Ichabod’

In Sleepy Hollow, with covered bridges

The Headless Horseman pitches jack o’laterns ablaze with

Crackling flames and sinister smiles

Michael Meyers

Horror Movie Marathons

Shuffling, scuffling, Living Dead

Flickering in Black and white

Flames from a bon fire

Ghost stories beneath Scarecrows

Sweaters, and knit-cap camping

Cold crack of football helmets

Cadences echo off foggy forests

And gravestones

In Cemeteries for pets

Stephen is King

Pumpkin guts

Stews and soups

Apple cider, lip-numb Rum

Dash of cinnamon


A Costumed soiree

Haunted houses.

Shutters akimbo

Trick or Treat

On Hallows Eve

We’re all goblins and ghouls.

Oh, October!

– Zombie Ed Poe –

23 comments on “‘Oh, October!’ By Zombie Edgar Allan Poe

  1. martibabcock says:

    i want some lip-numb rum.


  2. kost-a-saurus says:

    stew. stew. what it is what it do. stew. stew.


    1. mabukach says:

      stew haiku. Delicious art.


  3. sweetmother says:

    you are so muthafeckin’ creative! i would’ve stopped at the poe/folliage collage out of exhaustion! lool. xoxo, sm


    1. mabukach says:

      Thanks, SMom! This one was a little different, but I, er, Zombie Poe, had to show his undying love for October.


      1. sweetmother says:

        i kinda loved it. i can’t write poetry worth a shit…


      2. mabukach says:

        Liar – I’ve heard your gangsta raps – girl, you gots some rhymes.


  4. Change My Body...Change My Life says:

    Pumpkin guts… Good memories.


    1. mabukach says:

      I love pumpkin guts…I actually leave some on when baking pumpkin seeds. Weird, but delicious.


  5. Brigitte says:

    I dig Zombie Ed Poe, MIke. And you do poetry too? Looking forward to more of these. Perhaps a holiday motif to these descriptive poems? And I mean ALL OF THEM. 😀


    1. mabukach says:

      Thanks, Brigitte.
      Ha! No, I’m not really a fan of poetry – coincidentally, one of the most integral peeps in my fledgling writing career was (is) a poet. For some reason she took me under her wing, torturing me with critical analyses of modern poetry.

      Flag day,
      Oh flag day
      what you are I know not.


  6. Le Clown says:

    Hum… Would you like to host an edition of Haiku Sunday on my blog? It would be for early December….
    Le Clown


    1. mabukach says:

      Le Clown,

      Absolutely! Haiku is a form of karate, correct?
      Seriously, sounds awesome – thanks for the invite.


      1. Le Clown says:

        Fantastic! December 2 is good for you?
        Le Clown


      2. mabukach says:

        It’s a deal.


  7. Ziggy with a Neck says:

    Oh, October. Oh, leaves to rake. Oh, sore back. Oh, change the oil in the snow thrower. Oh, stock up on rock salt. Oh, start Vitamin-D regimen to avoid being crippled by Seasonal Affective Disorder. Oh, kiss the sun good bye. Oh, swerve car into oncoming traffic. Oh, bother.


    1. mabukach says:

      Ziggy, Oh how I’ve missed your optimistic reality


      1. susielindau says:

        I love your commenters! They are cracking me up!


  8. free penny press says:

    Old Mr Poe is a might peeved at the competition he has from you.. Wonder what you will come up with for Santa Claus???
    Much enjoyed!


    1. mabukach says:

      Mr. Poe need not worry about me….but gangsta rap St. Nicholas may provide some competition…


  9. susielindau says:

    Love the prose! That zombie Poe, he’s such a character….


    1. mabukach says:

      Nice guy, it’s the whole brain craving thing that’s off-putting.


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