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A Day in the Swamp with Coyote Peterson


My friend Coyote Peterson is a cool dude.

Coyote is an adventurer/animal conservationist; he’s like a mix between Jack Hannah and Bear Grylls (without the ‘I can rip out your larynx’ special forces training). I’m convinced Coyote’s got a bit of a screw loose Read more

Wisconsin Hangovers (and Other Midwestern Remedies)


Let me start with Karin.  We performed improv together for a few years in DC.  She’s a tall, beautiful, comedic friend.  She married Asa, a wonderfully quiet-natured guy.  They have housed and fed me while listening to many moans about my relationships.  I’m envious of how easy they make it all look and I would’ve been upset if I missed the wedding because of my social fears. Read more

The Buckeyes, Kielbasa, and Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles

I write from my couch in Columbus, having just finished a five-mile run, wondering why I still have a pooch belly and sudden narcoleptic tendencies. Read more

Politi-vasion: Campaign Madness in Ohio




White flag – just please, make it fucking stop.

Read more

Taking Grandma To The Game

I confess; I’m a Cleveland Sports fan. Read more

Suggested Listening: Cleveland Rock-Block

Cleveland's patron saint, Michael Stanley.

I got a little nostalgic being in Cleveland this past week as I was driving around downtown. My ipod died,  so I turned the dial to the closest station, 100.7 wmms. It had been awhile since listening to (any) radio; the speakers blasted some “metal” crap bomb tuned to drop d. It was terrible. Read more

Shaking Off the Rust: Cleveland on the Rise

Cleveland's a Plum. Or just plum colored.

I’m not going to serve you flowery balderdash about Cleveland; the city has (had) some major problems compounded by complacency within its lower-rung placement among the rust-belt cities. This stubborn comfort has perpetuating an underdog mentality, creating a giant red target for media/talk show host disses and jabs, and in turn, a negative perception from the rest of the US. Most of said negativity stems from a self-induced, reputation-polarizing combo of:  Read more