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Mike on Mike


Mike: Thanks for joining me today, Mike. I know you’re a busy guy.

Mike: Huh? I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear a thing over the sound of your awesome. Read more

Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out, Columbus


Five years ago, amid bursting fireworks of Red White and Boom, the sizzle of grilled meats and sparklers, and the unmistakable patriotic croons of J. Cougar Mellencamp, The Boss, and Jewish Elvis—Neil Diamond—a skinny, already washed-up twenty-something limped from New York City to Columbus. Read more

The Buckeyes, Kielbasa, and Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles

I write from my couch in Columbus, having just finished a five-mile run, wondering why I still have a pooch belly and sudden narcoleptic tendencies. Read more

Politi-vasion: Campaign Madness in Ohio




White flag – just please, make it fucking stop.

Read more

Speak Easy at Wild Goose Creative

Good Day, Roamers! Been a productive week, didn’t want to neglect my dear readers, so I’ve copied the transcript from my talk at the Speak Easy last night. Read more

‘Losing Emma’ (Updated 8/26)

Emma Walks Down the Street

*’Losing Emma’ is in the Top 10 for Columbus’ – ‘Best of’ screens Tuesday, August 28th at Arena Grand. 

Traveling for work this week, and I promised you all a viewing of the short film I helped co-write but first, here’s a quick breakdown: Read more

A Perfect Saturday

Pictorial round-up of a damn fine Saturday with minimal irreverent commentary.

I greet the morning bright-eyed, full of vigor slightly hung-over with a pinch of unwarranted guilt. Marti and I head to Olde Town East to hit up The Angry Baker (LINK) for coffee and a super duper early breakfast! brunch.

[Please enjoy the sweet sounds of the Two Man Gentlemen Band while reading – [‘Please don’t water it down’ – off new album ‘Two At A Time’]

Soon enough, Cockroach.

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Best of Columbus: Thai Food

A food post? Sure, let’s do this!

The last few years, a co-worker has insisted I try Bangkok Grocery and Restaurant, telling me it’s only place his Thai girlfriend will eat outside their household, and that it’s even better than Bahn Thai (blasphemy!). I haven’t fully disregarded his recommendation, I’ve just been too lazy to make a concerted effort to drive down to Refugee Road – the confluence of industrial outskirts, strip malls, and auto-body repair shops.  Read more

Highbanks Metropark

Mother Nature has been quite the tease this week, giving Columbus empty hopes of an early Spring in the form of 70+ degree weather. Before Ma Nature could pull the proverbial plug by creating a forty-degree drop in temperature, sending panicked, leaky-sinus induced riots to the psuedoephedrine  section at the local pharmacies, I decided to take advantage of the weather, and hike at Highbanks Metroparks. Read more